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            My Lacrosse Life - Rob Pannell






On this episode of My Lacrosse Life, we spend some time with NY Lizards attack Rob Pannell.

Rob has dedicated his life to the game of Lacrosse. A standout player for Cornell in college, Rob is a force on the professional lacrosse field as well.

We spoke with Rob about his passion for growing the game, got a sneak peek into one of his Attack Academy camps in Buffalo, NY and got a fields-eye-view of a recent game for the NY Lizards. My Lacrosse Life is sponsored by New Balance and Warrior and the series can be see during halftime broadcasts on Major League Lacrosse games.



                            Draft Kings

World Fantasy Baseball Championships





Moody Street TV and DraftKings have just completed production on a sports special that gave viewers an inside look at the Draft Kings 2018 World Fantasy Baseball Championships that invaded New York City at the end of the summer.

The best fantasy baseball players in the country set their line-ups for a shot at winning $500,000!

this one time special takes viewers inside the game, and behind the scenes to meet the players as competitors squared off for fantasy supremacy.



On this episode of Outside the Fame, Host Jayme Parker sits down with former Boston Bruins "tough guy and enforcer" Shawn Thornton to discuss his long career, his Stanley Cup Championships, his legendary high jinx….of course his fights.

A fan favorite , Thornton is now part of front office of the Florida Panthers, and while he still runs the Shawn Thornton Foundation, Shawn is a both a family man and business man these days now that his on ice time is done.

Oh yeah…in his spare time…Shawn participates in MMA fighting…this time- the fighting is just for fun!

Catch Outside the Fame on NESN (The New England Sports Network, home of the Boston Red Sox and The Boston Bruins.



                     Pirates TV-Episode 2





The Massachusetts Pirates magazine show PIRATES TV, takes viewers behind the scenes of an exciting arena football match-up against bitter rivals the Columbus Lions. Both teams are fighting for playoff positions in the competitive National Arena League. 

This episode features a "cribs" visit with defensive roommates JD Griggs and Kaelin Burnett, candid conversations with Pirates Quarterback Sean Brackett and Head Coach Ameer Ismail as they breakdown key moments in the game and the show features player profiles on Mardy Gilyard, Devonn Brown and Cheatham Norrils.



MSTV produced a magazine series with The Toronto Wolfpack, going "behind-the scenes" following the franchise through its inaugural Championship season in the English Rugby Football League (RFL). The Wolfpack is the world's first transatlantic major professional sports team and the series aired nationally on the Eleven Sports Network.

Last Tackle- Inside the Toronto Wolfpack brought viewers into the unique world of Rugby League. Check Out Episode 6 by clicking the link below.



MSTV in association with Jayme Parker and JP Productions are producing new TV series called Outside the Fame.

The series airs monthly on NESN (the New England Sports Network) and is a “where are they now profile” of celebrity New England athletes who made their mark as players during their careers here and have now moved on to exciting new ventures.

in Episode 1, Jayme Parker and crew headed to Washington State to meet up with Drew and discuss his new venture as a wine vineyard owner and vintner. 



       Outside the Fame- Drew Bledsoe 








Behind the B, was awarded the 2017 Best Sports Series Emmy. The team traveled to China to introduce fans in Asia about hockey and the Boston Bruins...





MSTV once again assisted 3B Media and Madfish Productions in producing the third season of the "Emmy-Award Winning" Boston Bruins Reality Series- Behind the B.

The series aired on both NESN and the NHL Network. 




The Science of BBQ and Grilling with Meathead

Presented by Kingsford

We travel west to Chicago to work with the Amazing BBQ Chef “Meathead” Goldwynn of for an instructional series on “How to BBQ”.


The monthly webisodes are called The Science of BBQ and Grilling with Meathead, are sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal, and hosted by the BBQ expert himself along with his co-host, and co-star of the TV Show Dining Playbook, Jenny Johnson. From Last Meal Ribs to Steaks to Veggies, Meathead shows viewers every secret you need to know to get the most out of your backyard BBQ!





Bruins Academy was created for pint-sized hockey lovers and debuted was this December on NESN. 

Each episode runs 30 minutes, once per month and is hosted by Charlie Moore and it teaches kids about the sport. 

Moody Street TV is proud to be part of Charlie Moore's Madfish Productions team assisting with this cool show.



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