...........is a Boston based television production company that develops and produces original non-scripted programming. We have an all-in, full-circle creative development team based in Waltham, Massachusetts USA, handling everything from concept to top-notch production while developing, pitching and selling reality TV shows to major networks.

We are always looking for compelling stories that showcase one-of-a-kind characters. Led by Executive Producers Steve Sera and Bob Sylvester, Smash, Bang, Boom TV is committed to creating content that entertains with authentic, multi-dimensional characters in unique and interesting places in their lives.

From creative development, to production and post, we develop projects in a wide variety of formats and can oversee every part of the process in developing a project for pitching to major networks. Having produced and sold network content in the reality landscape, Smash, Bang, Boom TV has strong relationships with experienced production partners and major networks.


Airing on The Style Network, Wicked Fit followed the bold and brash Katy Boyd, who shattered the stereotype of the prim and proper pageant girl. 

Katie who is retired from the circuit, opened the Miss Fit Club, whipping the next generation of beauty queens and suburban moms into perfect form along with her side-kick friends and family.


Where the words, tough, rugged, independent and steadfast are used to describe the citizens who populate this harsh hamlet of 1,300 people.

This tight knit community is a place where everyone knows your name, they WORK for a living... Life is hard, and the folks of Eastport wouldn't have it any other way...


Sap Wars follows the trials and misadventures of two long-time syrup producing rivals- The Cilley and the Harwick families. 

As they battle the weather, their other competitors, and each other while striving to see who can collect and sell the most "Liquid Gold"!


Meet the "Bad Boy" of Venture Capitalism. His name is Chris Lynch and he runs a successful VC firm in Boston. Chris is a no holds barred, quick thinking, fast with the cash kinda guy. If he loves your idea, you're on your way. If he thinks your full of it, your out the door...

Meet the man and his multi-million dollar machine that can help drive the next big idea.


Smack dab in the middle of Beacon Hill, Boston’s most hip and chic neighborhood is the hottest yoga studio this side of that dirty water loving Charles River........This ain’t your grandma’s yoga studio with some Indian guru sitting cross-legged chanting incantations...

Its’ Lulu-Lemon stretch pants mixed with meditation, aggravation, procrastination and complete intoxication because of the NEW yogis in town…Meet the Sisters of Now & Zen!


When it comes to the family business...is blood REALLY thicker than water? 

For brothers Tommy and Sal Barone, the future of their 40 year-old, successful and popular music store, is being passed down to the next generation.

They put the fun is dysfunctional. Every good family tree is always a little shady...



Welcome to Downeast Maine! Home to Acadia National Park, the world’s best tasting lobsters, and some absolutely wicked Maine accents- it’s also populated with the roughest, toughest, and raunchiest guys you’ll find anywhere – the cast and crew of Dylan Outdoors! 

These self-described “Rednecks of the Ocean” are the real deal. It’s Duck Dynasty before they had money....with a little Jackass and Wayne’s World mixed in for good measure!


Their guns are real, her money is on the line and New Haven, Connecticut with one of the highest crime rates in America is the backdrop for Lisa Yulo and the team at New England Bail Bonds. 

They are the bounty hunters and she is the Huntress


So you think you've got a great idea? We're always on the hunt for new show concepts. If you've got an idea for a hit show or some cool/unique/interesting characters that you know would make a great reality show that you'd like to submit, we'd love to hear about it. Please start by contacting us and we'll send you our submission form.

You'll be given the opportunity to send us a copy of your pitch after you send us the signed form. Please be advised that we receive many such proposals and generate many ideas for television shows and ideas for other media outlets and internally. Because many proposals might cover similar territory or in some cases appear almost identical in content or format, we must ask you to read and agree to the terms of the agreement before you pitch your proposal to us.


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