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Last Tackle- Inside the Toronto Wolfpack 

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Behind The B- Season 5





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MIAA 2016- Legends Show



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       2018 Ray Bourque Celebrity Golf Classic




“Boston Runs As One” profiled 15 personal stories of those directly affected by the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.


Each interstitial tells the story of an individual who experienced the events surrounding the 2013 Marathon. From first responders to bombing victims to those responsible for planning the 2014 race, these moving first-hand accounts demonstrate strength of character and a resilient will to move forward.


Shot documentary-style at locations pertinent to each person’s story - they reflect on how the event not only impacted them that fateful day in April 2013, but how it shaped who they are today.


The stories were produced for NBC Universal Sports Network as part of their national and international 2014 Boston Marathon coverage. One of the stories featured David McGillivray, the Boston Athletic Association Race Director and was nominated for a New England Emmy Award this year, but the others you can view are just as impactful.







        Celebrity Spotlight Series- Adaptive Sports











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